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Getting started

1. Submission

Ejear provides five unique services: English Language Editing, Translation, Manuscript Formatting, Figure Preparation, and Plagiarism Checking.

Before submitting your manuscript, please complete the Order form (Brief us on your service requirements). We accept DOC and DOCX file formats, but we can also work with many other file types. 

You may email your manuscript(s) to services@ejear.cn

Order form:

English Editing

Academic Translation 

Manuscript Formatting

Figure Preparation 

Plagiarism Check

2. Evaluation

We identify a specific editor in your field to review your manuscript. Then, we send you the order form, complete with a customized quote and a turnaround time, along with the invoice.

3. Payment

You approve the quote and complete the payment per instructions in the invoice.

4. Our work

Our editors complete the work by or prior to your required turnaround time.

5. Return

Once the editing process is completed, you receive an email notification that your manuscript is ready.

6. Receipt and Certificate

After you confirm the receipt, the Certificate is sent directly to you via email.

7. Feedback

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.