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Figure Preparation

A rigorous, clear, and crisp display of figures in your manuscript represents your research results in a professional manner. The charts, statistical tables and figures provide an indispensable component of the journal review process.

Our editors have years of experience in the preparation of scientific and academic visual representations of data. We use professional design software to present images in the clearest and most logical formats, based on journal requirements, thereby saving you time and increasing your opportunity to succeed in the peer review process.

Figure Formatting editors will:

•  Adjust typeface, text size, line weight, color, resolution, size, and file type of the figures to meet the specified journal guidelines 

•  Correct typographic and spelling errors and adjust awkward phrasing 

•  Adjust the layout and colors to improve legibility and appearance of figures

Figure design

•  Create bar graphs, pie charts, flow charts, and other graphics from table data

•  Generate original illustrations based on sketches and low-resolution diagrams 


What does Figure Preparation include?

Figure Preparation services provide you with publication-ready figure files by setting the correct size, resolution and layout to meet journal requirements.

What file types do you accept for figure formatting?

DOC, DOCX (Microsoft Word)

PPT, PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint)

AI (Adobe Illustrator)

PS (Adobe Photograph)

How can I edit my figures after they have undergone figure formatting?

Open and make changes to your figures using appropriate software within their new file type. Therefore, you should submit the final version of your figures to us for formatting. Ejear will assist in making the necessary adjustments.

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