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English Editing

Academic English editors in your field review the language in your manuscript to ensure that your ideas are clearly and accurately expressed. Ejear's native English-speaking editors ensure that your manuscript is not rejected due to either language or writing issues.

Service options

Ejear provides two types of English Editing service:

For the Standard Editing service, our editors:

• Correct spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors

• Check for problems in parallelism, tense, and conjugations

• Eliminate improper language and inappropriate word choice

• Improve the language to make it natural and professional

• Review the use of terminology

• Issue an Ejear Standard Editing certificate

View standard editing example

For the Premium Editing service, our editors:

• Do all work for Standard Editing service;

• Revise wordy and awkward constructions

• Achieve consistency throughout the manuscript

• Revise sentences for clarity and concision

• Restructure passages to ensure coherence

• Edit text to change or adapt its tone to disciplinary conventions

• Provide useful feedback in comments

• Issue an Ejear Premium Editing certificate

• Unlimited FREE re-edits

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Who are your editors?

Our editors are native English-speaking PhDs, academics and scientists from highly rated research universities.

I have made some changes to my paper after you edited it. Is the quality guarantee still valid?

If you have selected Standard editing service before, please resubmit your editing request based on the number of words modified; if you have selected Premium editing service, you can re-edit without no cost.

What file types do you accept for English editing?

At present, we accept DOC, DOCX (Microsoft Word) formats. English editing in MS Word is performed using Word’s Track Changes feature. 

How can I obtain my editing certificate?

The certificate of Editing is offered for both types of English Editing services. We will send the certificate to you along with your edited files.

What are the different styles that you use in English editing?

Both American English and British English are used. You can specify your preferred language style.

Do you edit LaTeX documents?

If you created your manuscript in LaTeX, please save it in a DOC or DOCX format before you submit it for editing. We will also need a PDF of your manuscript as a secondary file for your editor’s reference.

What is your guarantee?

We are not able to guarantee that your manuscript will be published successfully after you use our services. However, we do guarantee that your manuscript will be re-edited without additional charge if the journal rejects it for any reason of English language alone.

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