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Plagiarism Check

Prior to submitting your manuscript to the target journal, Ejear conducts a thorough review of all citations and references. We use iThenticate software to identify passages in your  paper that could be flagged by journals for accidental plagiarism, ensuring that the similarity rate meets the common standards and requirements of the international publishing industry, thereby ensuring that your paper meets the requirements of the target journal. 

Plagiarism Check service options:

Option 1

iThenticate creates a similarity report indicating sections of the paper that might be flagged for accidental plagiarism. 

Option 2

In addition to the iThenticate report issued in Option 1, Ejear’s publication specialists provide comments and suggestions for revising relevant portions of the paper.  

*Ejear does not guarantee the detection of plagiarism that is not highlighted by iThenticate.


How is my document reviewed in Plagiarism Check?

We conduct a thorough review for plagiarism in your manuscript by using iThenticate, a software program widely used in the academic community.


What file types do you accept?

Microsoft Word


What kind of comments can I expect from Ejear’s experts?

An editor will assess the iThenticate report, comment on the level of plagiarism, and highlight the sections that require rephrasing so that you avoid rejection from any journal for quality control.

Do you help rewrite and paraphrase plagiarized text and sentences?

Ejear does not offer rewriting or paraphrasing for plagiarized text or sentences.

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