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Customer Testimonials

Ling (China)

The service improved the quality and readability of my manuscript. The process was easy, quick, and communication 

with the editor was timely.

Lara (Brazil)

I am delighted with the revision, and my manuscript has been published in a highly respected journal. Thus, I highly 

recommend your extraordinarily skilled and careful editing.

Rumi (Turkey)

They returned my manuscript work before my preferred due date, and the editing services have a high 

level of professionalism, and the work comes with some suggestions that are very helpful to make a manuscript 

that reads very well.

Sachin (India)

I was delighted with the service. The editor did not only improve my text but added recommendations and pieces of 

advice on points of English grammar and usage.

Anna (Greek)

Thank you for the great suggestions and comments to enhance my document.

Michael (United States)

I was completely satisfied with his editing, which improved the readability and layout of the text, clarifying 

points without changing the meaning.

Yuko (Japan)

I highly recommend EJEAR proofreading & editing work always learn something from his comments and corrections.

Zheng (China)

The language is simple and clear, easy to understand. The return time is fast and the service is thoughtful. 

The price is affordable, it is still worth recommending.

Bryn (Canada)

The feedback on the document is very helpful. It saved my time.