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Ejear’s enhanced language editing service guarantees that your manuscript meets academic publishing standards. On request, Ejear provides - at no additional fee - an editing certificate confirming that your manuscript has been thoroughly edited by one or more of our specialists.

As this certificate confirms that Ejear has edited your manuscript, you can be confident that your research meets publishing standards. To obtain your certificate, simply request that Ejear send it whenever you are prepared to submit your manuscript.


How do I use this certificate?

Submit the certificate as one of your documents during the manuscript submission process.

If your manuscript is rejected by the editor due solely to language errors after our editing services, you could choose withdraw the service fee or re-editing without additional charge. 

Do you have a certificate sample?

Yes, click here to download a Certificate sample.

Note: Ejear does not assume responsibility for any part of the manuscript that was produced after editing or for any part that was produced outside of our editing process. 

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