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Ejear remains committed to assisting researchers in the publication of their work. Our editorial team adheres to ethical principles when providing professional services to researchers. Ejear has enacted policies and implemented procedures that promote these ethical principles in order to maintain the integrity of all research manuscripts submitted to the editorial team.

English Language Editing

Ejear will:

Provide English-language editing services focused on grammar, 

          spelling, phrasing

Comment upon inconsistencies

Maintain the style, tone, language conventions, and meaning

Provide expertise in your field

Provide suggestions for unclear sentences

Ejear will not:

Accept papers translated by machine

Revise data, numbers, references, or author affiliations

Write any portion of the article for the author

Perform content review

Interpret data

Organize the paper

Interpret data or draw conclusions

Academic Translation

Ejear will:

Ensure that your original meaning is conveyed

Check for punctuation, grammar, language style, formatting, 

                clarity, and fluency

Ejear will not:

Change anything unless it will really enhance the quality 

                    of the document

Manuscript Formatting

Ejear will:

Format text, citations, and references and the layout following

             the journal guidelines

Reorder your citations and references as needed

Fix incorrect information in references based on information 

                in published databases

Format the layout of the tables and figures

Ejear will not:

Add missing references, but will provide comments

Complete documents such as authorship forms or conflict 

                   of interest forms for the authors

Figure Preparation

Ejear will:

Ensure figures comply with journal requirements by changing: 

              Resolution, Scale, Color, Font, Line weights, Layout, File type

Design figures according to the data or information provided 

                by the authors

Ejear will not:

Change brightness, contrast, or color balance

Plagiarism check

Ejear will:

 Provide the original plagiarism check report from iThenticate 

 Provide comments to avoid plagiarism

Ejear will not:

 Edit the text for authors